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Schedule your call today to see how we can work together!

Schedule your call today to see how we can work together!


Hi, I'm Leah

I empower women to take back control of their wellness… and their life!

As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Health and Life Coach, I help women repair their relationship with food and their bodies. You can find the freedom to live your life without obsessing over your diet and physique. My goal is to empower you to focus on what matters most to you.

My Certifications

A little about me

I’m a recovering calorie counter...

Type-A, with perfectionist tendencies that spent over a decade obsessing over every food choice and nit picking my body in the name of health. Turns out that wasn’t actually very healthy! I thought that I had to lose weight, simply because my doctor said I was out of the ‘normal’ range on the BMI chart, even though I was actually perfectly healthy. So I turned to calorie counting because math made sense to me. If I ate this much, and exercised that much, then I would get to my ideal body weight in this much time! Turns out my body isn’t a simple math equation. So when the math wasn’t mathing, I’d lower the calories, increase the exercise, and still not get the number on the scale I was chasing. I just ended up with disordered eating and a lot of exercise-induced injuries.

The sad thing is that my story isn’t unique. In fact, it probably sounds a lot like yours. We’ve been taught that health looks a certain way, that your body needs to look a certain way to be accepted. And that you can diet and exercise your way there.

But you can’t. Body diversity exists, and your genetics play a role in your health that diet culture likes to ignore. Does that mean you should give up? No.

The path to health and self acceptance was not through monitoring my food, over-exercising and obsessing over the scale. The path was permission,allowance and connection to myself. And now I help other women find their way to a harmonious relationship with food and their bodies.

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