Schedule your call today to see how we can work together!

Schedule your call today to see how we can work together!

Schedule your call today to see how we can work together!

Still thinking about trying that new diet?

You might regret it.
It’s tempting to sign up for the next diet, isn’t it? To think that it’s the only way to get healthy –  and that this 30-day challenge or detox or cleanse is the one that’s finally gonna work! Even though you’ve tried all the diets already, and nothing ever did…

Because that’s exactly what they want you to think.
That you can’t possibly be healthy without counting calories or cutting carbs. That you need structure and rules for eating in order to stay healthy. And without a diet, you’ll lose all self-control.

But instead of making you feel in control, they do the exact opposite. 
Diets leave you with intense cravings, low energy, and basically feeling like crap. After this happens, you swear off dieting forever, and start eating allllll the things. Maybe just a little “too many” things.  So even though you’re so ready to stop counting calories, macros, and points, you start to wonder….

What if they’re right!? What if I gain weight again, when I’m not dieting?
So you start obsessing again over every bite. Sucking in your gut every time you see yourself in the mirror. Afraid to step on the scale and see that you gained a pound – because your pants are feeling tighter – even though you’ve been “good” all week!

You end up feeling like a failure.
Not only did you fail at the diet, you failed at NOT dieting. And it doesn’t help that you’re bombarded by conflicting opinions from family, doctors, and the media – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, misguided, and so fricking lost in your health journey. 

And you don’t know who or what to trust! 
It’s not your fault the diet failed. They almost allll do. But we get sucked into them because we want to fit in and belong. We get images of what is an acceptable body type in society and we try to live up to an impossible – and dare I say unhealthy – standard. But the worst part of it all is….

You stopped trusting yourself. 
You don’t need more willpower or discipline. You don’t need more restrictions. You don’t need more shame, guilt or anxiety around food and your body. And you definitely don’t need another program or diet. 

You just need to stop overthinking every food choice, and start listening to your body.

Sounds nice, but how do you get there?

How much of a dieter’s brain do you have?

Find out now with my free quiz.

My Vision For You

What if you thought about something else?
Seriously, what if!? What if your brain was free to focus on things that bring you joy and inspiration? Gatherings with family. Conversations with friends. Time in the garden. Traveling the world. Books you can’t wait to read.

What if eating became enjoyable? Without guilt!
Imagine trusting yourself around food, eating what you want without overeating. Going out to restaurants and ordering your favorite meals without counting every nutritional gram. Indulging on desserts and wine without judging yourself for splurging once in a while.

I see you finally making peace with your body.
Picture waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror, and loving what you see! Moving your muscles just because it feels good. Feeling connected to your body and actually confident you’re taking good care of yourself.

I want to help you break free from the shackles of diet culture.
I’m not talking about a temporary fix. I’m talking about a complete lifestyle change that’s fulfilling and sustainable, that’s based on self-love and not self-deprivation.

It’s 100% possible for you.
This isn’t just a dream. These are typical results. It’s within your reach, and I can’t wait to take this journey with you. Let’s make it happen, together.

Anti-Diet Health Coach

From food fixation to freedom

Stop obsessing about your weight to improve your health, body image and self-confidence. It doesn’t work! You’ll be much healthier without a diet. It’s time to break up with diet culture and redefine health for yourself.

Hi, I'm Leah

I empower women to take back control of their wellness… and their life!

But not too long ago, I was you
I had a really hard time accepting my mid-size body. And so I struggled with dieting – for a big chunk of my life! Calorie counting was my diet of choice because it seemed so simple – and if I worked it right, I could still eat my favorite foods. 

It gave me a sense of control. 
I thought if I just followed the math formula, I’d get the results I wanted. But I learned, after way too many diets,…

That’s just not how it works.
Our bodies are much more complicated than that. My metabolism slowed and I only gained more weight after every new diet. I became obsessed with food, and stopped listening to cues from my body. I became even more self-critical. I was over-focused on my weight, my size, and how I looked. 

I realized that diets are not a good health solution.
So I became a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Health and Life Coach to help women repair their relationship with food and their bodies. I quickly found that my clients were also allured by the feeling of structure and sense of control that diets gave them.

That’s when I created the Anti-Diet Life blueprint.
It’s your roadmap to a healthier, happier you that doesn’t involve depriving your body but rather, nurturing it. It gives you a strong framework with steps that are easy to implement – and that you can use for a lifetime! But most importantly…

Your body is the primary guide.
Your life, your health, your happiness—they’re not just possible, they’re your right. It’s time to break free from the unhealthy cycles and claim back the vibrant life you deserve.

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The Anti Diet Life Program

After breaking up with diets, I’ve learned…

How easy food and living in my body can be.

How to be friends with my body.

How to be healthy without the crazy quick fixes.

How to silence the bully in my brain.

How to live a life of food freedom.

How to never ever diet again.

And I want to teach you how to do the same!

Ready To Talk More?

I’m so excited to be apart of this journey with you! Schedule your call today and end your diet cycle once and for all.

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